Welcome to Lab 239 at Brookswood Secondary.

Please note the following information regarding classroom expectations:

1. Don’t be late.  Repeat offenders get school beautification duty.

2. Don’t eat or drink in the computer lab.  Food = mess = gross keyboards.

3. Don’t mess with the wires, cables, plugs, mice, keyboards, etc.  If you have a problem, please let me know.

4.  YOU are in charge of submitting your work to the dropbox and checking to make sure it ACTUALLY was submitted.

5. No games, social media, blogs, YouTube videos (music okay), games, online shopping, games or online chatting during classes that fall Monday-Thursday.  Friday will remain “free-day” unless its a tutorial, then you work on your stuff.

6. No cell phones.  You have computers to look up information.  Cell phones are time-suckers, and therefore are not allowed in the lab except on Fridays.  I will take your phone away and keep it until after school if I catch you with it.

7. No crappy attitudes.  You signed up for this class (whatever class your are in).  If you don’t like the work we are doing, the assignments, the expectations, or whatever…then find another elective.  The rest of us are here to have a good time, learn about programming, layout and design, graphic design, business software, room design, etc.  Take your bad attitude somewhere else.

8. No foul language.  Of the many, many, many, many words available to use in our language don’t choose the 3-4 ones considered to be foul.  Fudge, darn, shoot, oh snickerdoodles! are all acceptable variations to use instead.

9. Don’t talk when I’m talking.  If I am teaching, you are listening.  I have zero tolerance for talking during tutorials and lessons…Let me do my job of teaching so you can do your job of learning.  I will remove you from the classroom if this is an issue for you.

10. Be respectful.  Don’t be mean to your classmates (or me).  Don’t be rude. Don’t bully.  Don’t use inappropriate content.

If you can follow these expectations as much as possible…this year will be a lot more enjoyable for me and you, and everyone else.