Programming 12: Sphero


Explore the Lightening Labs–Find some programs that you are interested in trying.  Using the Lightening Labs App, see if you can complete the program.


  2. VIDEO or OTHER EVIDENCE that you completed your chosen program.

Programming 12

Research/Brainstorm 3 things you would like to learn in Programming 12 this year.  Be specific–i.e. Name a specific programming language, what its used for, how you would use it, why you want to learn about it/how to do it.  Full sentences.  150-300 words.

Essential Question to “get going:”

What is trending now in programming?  Is it a fad or a long term solution to problems faced by multiple types of users?

Submit to dropbox by end of class today.

Programming 12: Alternate Assignment

If you are unable to do XCODE…

Create a “guide” for those interested in creating an APP.  Include options for development, links to tutorials, ways to think up ideas, statistics about apps.  Include popular apps, with information about developers.  Include some history about App development.

Make a Powerpoint, a Brochure in Word, or an InfoGraphic in Photoshop.