Yearbook Photography



5 Photography Tips to Better Yearbook Photos

6 Photography Tips for Yearbookers from Professionals



Yearbook: Final Projects

Please choose one or the other.  You are responsible for using class time effectively, and completing this assignment IN FULL to the highest quality standards.  YEARBOOKprojectYEARBOOK YEARBOOKprojectMAGAZINE

Colour Scheme Vote

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How to add a Background in InDesign

  1. Click on PAGES
  2. Double-Click on A-MASTER
  3. Draw a “Square w/ an X” (Rectangle-Frame Tool)
  4. File-Place
  5. Using the WHITE-SELECTION TOOL, RESIZE (Or, Control-Click/Right-Click…Fitting…Fill Frame Proportionally)
  6. Control-Click/Right-Click…Arrange…Send to Back
  7. Click out of A-MASTER back to regular pages.